Saturday, May 26, 2007

You're ready to take action on your debt!!

So if you have followed my advice so far you are looking at your total debt due.Also you now see your interest rates on your account(s).If you are like me not many days go by where you don't receive at least two or three offers for balance transfer rates that look great. WAIT!!! Don't go running for that great looking offer.The first thing you should do is call your present creditors and ask for an interest rate reduction. Now to do this you will want to have been paying your bills on time. When you do get someone on the phone explain to them that you have been a good customer, and are now being offered better rates from their competition.Feel free to name the company making the offer as well as the rate they are offering.Not the balance transfer rate but the interest rate. Most times they will met the rate.

If you run into opposition don't give up yet, there are several options still remaining. When I run into a brick wall with customer service,I like to play a game called "Get me your boss". Ask nicely if you can speak to the persons supervisor. Then very nicely repeat the same steps.If you are turned down again, ask for a reason. This will not make them give you a better rate, but at least you will know whats causing the problem. If you did not get the rate reduction, don't lose hope you still have those balance transfer offers. I will give you the pros and cons of those in my next post.


Ronald Drake said...

A very well researched and straight forward article with clarity and good ideas. looking forward to some more posts like this one.

charm said...

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