Thursday, May 24, 2007

Credit Score and Credit Reports The Right Way To Get Them!

How would you like to guess the first mistake most people make when wanting to get their credit score and credit report....You ready for the answer??
It may surprise you...
They order it online.
Now you may be saying to yourself, but that's the fastest way. Yes it is, but it's also in most cases the wrong way especially if you have bad credit. When you receive a copy of your credit report and score online you are forced to agree to the terms of the Credit Reporting Agency. Among these "terms' you will find something similar to the following "if any legal dispute is to arrise it will be heard by an arbitrator". Effectively, in the case of a dispute that is not handled to your satisfation, you may well not see your day in court. What's that?? You didn't know you could sue credit reporting agencies??
You may very well be able to depending on the circumstances.Although keep in mind the agencies do have a policy for disputing items and are often quite effective in handling these disputes. Do not go off half cocked. Threatenig to sue with no intention of doing so is a dangerous game.
Keep checking this blog for daily updates.Please always keep in mind I am not an attorney and do not offer legal advice.


Odico said...

Maintaining credit report & credit score both are the very important point in this present financial condition. Everyone want to keep their credit score in a good position.
AS we know that credit score is one type of reputation in this market which will control by the creditors opinion or your financial activities. So, try to pay your interests in the correct time & avoid any miss payment. Then it will help you to increase the credit score.
Nice blog post, Thanks for sharing it.

Methila misu said...

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