Thursday, May 24, 2007

How do I fix bad credit??

So, how do I fix my bad credit? It's a question people ask me all the time. The first step is to order your credit report and score,BY MAIL!! this way you can assess the damage. Don't worry about looking at the information on your report it won't hurt. It may be upsetting, but at least you will have a clear picture of where you stand.

While you're waiting for the credit report, it's time to look at the debt you have presently incurred. Take a sheet of paper and write down the amount of every debt you presently have. This list includes car payments,credit cards,loans,lines of credit etc. Again don't worry about the amount, but do know what it is. It's harder to keep spending when you know what you already owe.

If you are like most people the number is probably higher than what you expected to see.Today we're going to start with the easy one. Believe it or not the credit cards are the easiest. Get your last month's bill's from all the credit cards you have.Using the same piece of paper write the interest rate next to the corresponding amount.The interest rate should be listed on your bill. Now take a break let the numbers sink in and I'll be back tommorow to continue this thread.


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